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Team Pure Allure Interior


About Internship

Simone, Maud and Nouk

These past 5 months the three of us: Simone, Maud and Nouk, got to do an internship at Pure Allure Interior. This was a very special and instructive time. We gained a lot of knowledge about all the beautiful brands they work with. You can tell that in the company they are very flexible in what they do, they do everything with passion. And that’s very nice to see.

During our time here we noticed that it is a very warm and cozy company and the communication between employees and customers is very strong. They stand by what they say and that makes the company so strong. We did notice that this company is on a different level than our previous internship. This is because here we are dealing with a higher level of interior designs.

The best experience we had here was visiting the factories of Celso de Lemos in Viseu. Here we got to see the whole process of making the rugs, towels, bed linens and all other accessories. The beauty of this company is how they do everything by hand and how caring and sweet they treat their workers. This is definitely a bonus for our portfolio, the fact that we can experience this is already amazing.We are very grateful that we were able to do our internship at Pure Allure Interior, we have become an experience richer.

Thank you Pure Allure Interior!